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Ordering Online / Telephonically

You can place your order right here and pay online with your debit/credit card. You can also phone us and place your order telephonically or by email


Processing / Packaging your order

Your order will be processed and package 12 hours after your payment was confirmed. We will package your order 100% DISCRETE and no one will know the content of the packag. We will also supply the correct documents for export/customs


Shipping, Delivery and Postage

Shipping, Postage or delivery will be done as fast possible and we will supply your with a tracking nr for you to trace online. You will have the option for normal postage or to door deilvery at CHECKOUT


Record fast delivering times

Our World class instant Erection Pills

Erection Pills

Kalahari Horing

Grown in the kalahari

Kalahari Horing contains Ginseng which is grown in the dry kalahari. Its formulated to help you with a STRONGER HARDER THICKER ERECTION

100% Natural and suitable for all ages

Male Extra

The old Favorite

Male - Extra the famous erection booster
Its formulated to Boost your sex drive and will help you get and maintain a super strong ERECTION

100% Natural and suitable for all ages

Power Pill

Not for the faint hart

Power pill is a strong ERECTION Booster that wil help you last up to 5 times longer than normal with a HARDER THICKER ERECTION

100% Natural and suitable for all ages

Red Dragon

The Strong one

Super Warrior Pro longs performance, Boost sex drive and will help you maintain a good strong ERECTION within 40 min after using

100% Natural and suitable for all ages

Penis Enlargement 2 in 1 kit

Male Extra 
2 in 1 Penis Enlargement

Formulated to ENLARGE your penis up to 28% in 30 days. This product will also give you a super Hard Erections when having sex and will CURE PREMATURE EJACULATION

100% Money Back if you are not satisfied


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